Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Cablers? Is that even a word? Oh well, hopefully it got your attention!

I am needing your expertise on crocheting cables. My daughter, Ryanne, has given me absolutely ZERO ideas on what to get her for Christmas. I see a nice little gift card in her immediate future! :) However, since last summer, she has hinted around that if I really wanted to crochet her something, she would love a new black, CABLED scarf to match her store-bought and very used brown one. So, I hunted around on various crochet sites and even bought a book from Leisure Arts that has a gazillion cable patterns in it. The fear of crocheting cables has caused me to procrastinate until now, and with very little time left, I'm soliciting any words of wisdom you might have.

This past weekend, I took some white, easy-to-see yarn and attempted 5 different patterns from the book. On each swatch, I crocheted at least 4 rows. I could never seem to make the "cables" look like the ones in the pictures. All of the patterns used front post doubles or front post trebles, which weren't really the problem. It was making the criss-crosses with the front posts and skipping the stitches and going back to pick up the skipped stitches that I couldn't seem to get the hang of.

So, I'm hoping one of my trusty-rusty crochet buddies can come to my rescue. Have any of you done cables? Do you have a pattern that you like? Am I just making this harder than it really is?

Perhaps I can just buy a nice, hand-crocheted, black, cabled scarf from one of you??????   :) 

I made this scarf for her last year.
Can't imagine why she would want to wear anything else!!