Saturday, March 20, 2010


What does Pete's love have to do with anything? Expressions are so funny sometimes. I had a boyfriend once who used to say, "Keri, just go scratch your tail and get glad!", whenever he thought I was acting poopie.  I would get so spittin' mad whenever he said that, but now that he's a fossil in my collection of past relationships, I think it's hilarious. I find myself using it when I'm trying to get somebody out of a bad mood. :)

Okay, so, back to Pete. The reason I actually said that out loud is because I glanced up from the keyboard and peered outside, and when what to my wandering eyes should appear?  SNOW!!!!!!!!!!  Yep, that is the gosh-darned truth! Thursday and Friday, here in Oklahoma City, the temperature was in the mid-70's. Today, we are having the wildest, windiest, chilliest Spring snowstorm you can imagine. There's a thin layer of ice on the roads, thanks to the rain that fell in the middle of the night, and now the snow is blowing around and creating drifts all over the place.

Oklahoma City is hosting the first-round regional NCAA "March Madness" basketball tournament. On the news last night, they were interviewing out-of-state fans. One guy from Utah, following BYU, was just amazed at our weather. He arrived here on Wednesday and said he had to buy some shorts and t-shirts for his family because of the warm temperatures. As of yesterday, they had gone back to the store to stock up on sweatshirts, just to get them through today's freak snowstorm!  So much for making a good impression on our friends from other states! "Hey, Ya'll, come to Oklahoma for Spring Break. You might get to swim or you might get to ski . . . snow-ski, that is!  :)

Just wanted to jump on here for a minute and confess my love for Pete. Please don't let JC in on my secret. I've got some charts to code, and I'm going to go perch myself in front of the TV to watch some basketball. I'll be back later 'cause I've got some "Ta-Da" pics to share with you.

Happy Saturday Spring Snowstorm!!!!


  1. Yes, it's quite cold, even down here in Dallas! We didn't get any least not any that stuck. Supposed to get even colder throughout the day. This is my kind of weekend!


  3. thanks for taking the snow . . . the people here in Buffalo for the NCAA east tourney appreciate Oklahoma's kindness :-)

    And the residents of Western New York are appreciative too :-)

  4. A friend of mine used to say she was "going to hell in a handbag" instead of in a handbasket... always made me laugh! So sorry your weather turned nasty... hate to admit that it was in the high 70's here in the desert this weekend... altho it was a little windy... but I'm certainly not complaining!

  5. I was working at the Ford Center trying to sooth the emotions of the Kansas fans who were upset to see we were not selling beer. Had a lovely window view of the snow from my register which made things a little easier to deal with. Also was nice to have a TV screen to watch as I listened to the roar from the arena. Still it made for a long day though. Started at 1:30 and left there at 10:00. 6 of us made $360 for our outreach ministry at church. So I guess it was all for good.

  6. I just stopped by to say Hi Keri! Hope you're well?


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