Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My 10-year-old daughter, Hunter, was actually in the mood to sit with me the other night and crochet. Usually she gets bored after a few rows or rounds, but she was on a mission to make me something. I am posting a picture of her creation, which is a rainbow, sitting on some puffy clouds. She learned to crochet last Thanksgiving, just like I did, but she certainly hasn't been putting the time and effort into it like I have. So, I am very proud of her . . . not only for doing such a great job on her "rainbow", but also for setting a goal for herself and finishing it. I hope you all will take a quick moment to send her a comment with some words of encouragement.


  1. Well, Hunter!.. I come here to see what your MOM has made lately, and I find that YOU are the one who's shining in the bloggy spotlight today! Here you are still learning, but you've already come up with your FIRST DESIGN?!! I hope you realize how VERY impressive that really IS!! Applause! Applause! Nice job Hunter! Hope we see more stuff like that from you soon! (0; ~tina

  2. Wow, Hunter! I love your crochet project. Keep practicing and learn to read a pattern some day. You'll be able to make anything you want! Great job on the rainbow and clouds.

  3. I think that is an awesome rainbow and took a lot of creativity. Keep it up Hunter and you will be designing clothes before you know it!! Have a great night!

  4. Hunter I am so very excited to see that you are taking an interest in chrocheting. It will be a neat thing to pass on someday to your kids. Like your grandma before you and now your mom you to will find a sense of accomplishment and pride when completing a project. I am very proud of you!!! Michelle

  5. Hunter not only do I love your crocheted rainbow but love your name!

    Keri we think alike, I was thinking I would make the v sweater for my daughter also, she thinks the same thing, we are old ladies who have nothing to do but crochet...Huh ...we run circles around the kids today...don't cha think!

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