Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Another Organizer Box

Hunter took her organizer box to school to keep her supplies in. Some of the kids asked her if I could make them one. I said I would get some whipped up "as time permitted". Well, I worked on this one over the weekend. I'm not real fond of the camouflage, but due to the fact it's for a little boy, and I didn't think I would find any other use for the camo yarn, this is what I picked. I made 2 "M's". The first one, using my "H" hook and RHSS yarn, was WAY too big. I made a second one, this time using a "G" hook and Peaches and Cream cotton. It was still big, but I squished it to get it all to fit. :) Another thing I did differently on this one was to use plastic canvas on the inside, rather than a discarded tissue box. I thought this might hold out a little longer. It took more time, but I'm much happier with the results.

So, anyway, just wanted to let you know I've been keeping my crochet hook busy. I'm getting ready to get started again on my OU afghan. I've been holding off, waiting for some helpful advice from Carolyn, The Kansas Hooker. Now, I think I'm ready to take off on the graph part of the afghan. I'll keep you posted on progress.

Tomorrow is 09/09/09, my baby girl's birthday. She'll be 27. ARRGGGHHHH!!!  Makes me feel really old!


  1. Hi Keri! Sorry to hear about your Sooners.. Love these organizer boxes you've been working on though! You're doing a beautiful job with them, and it's great how the kids are all asking for them!! I am plugging away at one of my afghans too right now... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ryanne!! Best wishes to the birthday girl, and hope you all are having fun celebrating together today! ~tina

  2. Hi, Tina! Hey, thanks for the note and especially the birthday wish for Ryanne. I forwarded it on to her to make her smile. Unfortunately, we're not going to get to spend much time together today or tomorrow, but I am going to have an "Edible Arrangement" delivered to her at work. I'm not sure if you have those in the Great Northeast, but they're beautiful baskets full of all kinds of fruit and even some pieces that are dipped in chocolate. Then, Friday night, a big group of us "girls" are going to the Sugarland concert, which is going to be at our zoo's outdoor amphitheater. We're all REALLY excited about that! We'll get to really celebrate Ryanne's birthday then.

    P.S. I'm not really sure what the proper way to respond to comments is. I went to your blog and there were so many comments about your "Gone With The Wind" day that I was afraid my comment would get lost in the mix. :) So, I figured I'd just put a reply here so you'll hopefully get it this way. If there's a better way, please let me know!

    Have a GREAT day!

  3. Another great organizer box. I happen to like the camo yarn so I think it looks great. I need to pick some up soon to make something for my FIL. Not sure what though.

    I'm so glad to see you'll be working on an OU ghan. Go Soooners!

  4. Keri you could never make me mad...girl r u kidding! And hey your not old until you have fallen and can't get up!!!!! Yes, I love my mindless granny, I have been so busy the last several months planning our move, putting my wellness program together and having Tom home for the pass 3 months hasn't given me as much time to myself.......thank god he goes back to work on the 14th, love him but enough of already, I will be glad to get the good morning kiss goodbye and morning toothpaste in the sink and the what's for dinner I'm starving when he walks through the door....did I say he was going to retire in 4 years, Ug......I told him he better get a job at best buy or wal-mart greeting the customers or I will be a widow..lol
    Love your bright new blog but if you dont mind a suggestion change your text to black/bold, can't read it too good, you know us old folk, glasses and all...!
    Hey did you get your crochet book?

  5. Hi again! You're right.. Fall is a wonderful season! I am just very challenged, shall we say, when it comes to adjusting to the cold temperatures again, and there are so many things I love about summer!.. But baking, and hot soups, and hot chocolates.. The beautiful colors.. I'm getting there! I'll be bringing out more decorations today, and I'll be crocheting more pumpkins over the weekend! And on this day of remembrance, I am sure I should be grateful, not SULKING!.. that I'm here to live it with the beautiful children God has blessed me with! Oh!.. and as for how I get things done?.. I drink way too much coffee, and stay up way too late at night! ~tina (0;

  6. Hi Mommy! Its me Hunter! Thought I would drop in for a few moments before I go to school. When was the last time you checked your email?? Well if you havent checked it since last night PLEASE check it soon!!!!! please!!!!! Well Mason sure did like his box!!I cant believe he got it taken away from him!!!LOL! Well I love and goodbye! :)


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