Thursday, September 17, 2009


Wow, yesterday was a very hard day for me. When I get on here to post something, I always do my best to keep things upbeat, even if what I'm talking about is on the dreary side. I just couldn't bring myself to write yesterday. Then, today, I decided it would do me good to share my sadness. I had a boyfriend once who would say, "Just go scratch your tail and get glad!" It used to make me so mad at the time, but now I can see what he was trying to say.

Yesterday, September 16th, would have been my beloved Mother's 75th birthday. Mom left us way too early, at the age of 62, on October 8, 1996. Since her death, her birthday has always been a much harder day for me than the day she died. It was on this date, in 1996, that I took her to the hospital, and she never made it back home. She spent three-weeks in the intensive care unit before finally succumbing to heart and lung failure. So, I guess I always look at this date as being the "beginning of the end".

As in years past, I prepared myself as September 16th approached. I knew it was going to be a difficult day for me, so I did my best to stay immersed in my work. I had even asked my boss to give me extra work, just so I could keep my mind occupied on mundane things, anything besides death. I guess I did okay, considering. I got through the dreary and gray day, shedding my usual tears and allowing myself to be sad. By evening, I felt better and knew that this dreaded day was, once again, almost over.

Then . . . . . . . I watched the 10:00 pm newscast and heard the heart-breaking news that Mary Travers, of Peter, Paul, and Mary fame, had passed away, after her long fight with leukemia. Well, there went my resolve to not shed anymore tears. I loved Mary Travers. I grew up listening to Peter, Paul, and Mary in the 60's and 70's, and I still listen to their music today. I think it was either three or four years ago that I heard they were going to be appearing in Las Vegas. I made flight and hotel arrangements in order to go out to see them. Their concert schedule was unexpectedly cancelled when Mary was diagnosed with leukemia and had to undergo treatment, including a bone marrow transplant. Well, she did well from her treatments, and the group eventually resumed their concerts. Once again, I bought plane tickets and made lodging arrangements, and my husband and I flew out to Las Vegas to see them. It was wonderful, and it brought back so many happy memories from my childhood. I will always cherish that trip.

So, today I am doing better. I appreciate you all giving me this forum to share my grief and sadness. I hate to be a sad-sack, and I promise to be more cheerful and uplifting when I return.

Oh, I also realized last night, in my pitty-pottiness, that I do not even have a picture of my mother on my computer. Of course, I have thousands of photographs, but I've never taken the time to scan anything in. I really need to do that. That will be my next rainy-day project, and I will have some pictures of Mom posted very soon.

Thanks again for listening.


  1. Oh Keri, I'm so sorry to hear all this.. But you have a right to have some occasional down time, and a good crying jag cleanses the tear ducts they say! I have both my parents still, but relations are strained between my entire family. I think my parents had kids because it just seemed like the thing to do, then decided they didn't much like the job! So, I just admire and envy everyone who has/had a loving parent at all!.. and I thank God for the children He blessed ME with.. I'm grateful He showed me what a loving family can REALLY be!... As for Mary Travers, my gosh.. I DID NOT YET HEAR THIS!! I did not even know she had leukemia! Well, another sad day for us in the entertainment world.. but she is in a far better place now, singing with the angels I'm sure.

  2. Hi Again! Almost forgot to answer your question about the crochet stitch. The pattern did not give it a name, but I have heard it referred to as a long stitch, or a loose stitch.. such as a long double crochet, like I used in my very first pattern I've ever posted to my blog, which is also a granny square, called McGregger's Garden! I do not know of the "spike stitch" and will have to look that up to know if it is the same thing or not. ~tina

  3. Oh Keri, I'm so sorry. Its good that you allow yourself your feelings and let yourself be sad. It's good cleansing for your soul.

  4. I used to love to listen to Peter Paul & Mary.

    I made a video about that tunisian stitch. It's at

    Would you take a look at it and tell me what you think it is?

  5. Hope you are feeling better.......:)

  6. Hi Mpmmy I just wanted to say that I love you, and I feel really sorry that she died becsude I to love her!

    I hope get to feeling better!:)



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