Saturday, September 12, 2009


Thanks for all your comments and helpful critiques. I liked the bright colors of the other blog background, but I agree that even with the bold, black font, it was still hard to read. I decided on this one to get me into Autumn. Tina, you'll appreciate that, right???   Anyway, I've got work to do today, so I won't get time to mess with the text colors until later in the weekend. Hope you'll bear with me. :)


  1. I like the fall colors too! How's the OU afgahn?

  2. Hi Keri! HA! HA!.. Yeah, I'm just about there, I guess. I called around about apple picking and they have JUST STARTED! It's just a matter of what kind of apples I want and if those specific trees are ready or not. Right now, if you're happy enough with Macs, then THOSE apples are ready! If I want delicious, or jonagolds, or whatever, I have to wait a couple more weeks... Anyways, love your background! It looks great! Hope you're enjoying your weekend! ~tina

  3. I think the fall colors look great. I love fall so much.

  4. Okay, I hadn't been here in awhile so I didn't see that you had changed your background. I can't remember what the other one looked like, but I definitely like these gold and fall colors. It seems like it takes days when I start messing with my blog and changing things up. I end up having to redo almost everything and it takes forever!

    Love your comments and glad you are coming back.


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