Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Saturday!!

Well, my long-lost family will be returning tonight from their little vacation to Seaworld, San Antonio. It's been nice having the house to myself, with my 2 spoiled greyhounds, but I do miss my hubby and daughter. I spent my last evening alone doing something really exciting. While watching the finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I cut up plastic bags and made "plarn". I've been reading about it for some time, but kept thinking it would be too tedious, with all those plastic strips. But, it was quite enjoyable, and I created a nice little ball of plastic yarn. :) Now I just need to decide on a little project to make with it.

I forgot to mention something neat that happened to me this week. My sister is a police officer. She has a really grumpy, female boss. The other day, my sister got to work and found a huge bag of yarn in her seat. A note was attached that said, "Thought your sister might be able to use this." Baby Sis almost fell over!! She sent me a text message, and I was in shock, also. I figured her lieutenant wanted me to make something for her. But, when she went in to thank her for the bag of yarn, her boss told her that she had come across this while cleaning out her mother's house. She had seen some of the projects I had made for my sister. So, she thought I could figure out something to do with the yarn. The yarn is really nice. There are 8-10 rolls of two colors, one a brown tweed mix, and the other one is a cream color. Both are wool. In the bag, I also found a little WIP, perhaps the beginning of a knitted sweater. I got little tears in my eyes, thinking about the little lady who was probably making that to give as a gift and never finished.

Anyway, that was a huge highlight in my week. When things seem so dark and mean sometimes, it always amazes me and does my heart good to see these little acts of kindness.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend!


  1. Happy Saturday to you! Isn't nice that you can be so grateful for a bag of yarn? Crochet to some might seem boring and tedious but it brings so much joy to your life. It is relaxing and rewarding. I do admit that there are times that I am having trouble reading a pattern or I have missed a stitch and don't notice it until I am more than half done with a project and have to rip it out....(under my breath I am #%$%$@).
    Funny I last night Tom and I where laying in bed talking and catching up and one of the things we talked about was his trip next week to Oklahoma City.....well maybe next time I will join him and you and I can get together have lunch, go to the craft store and banter about crochet, wouldn't that be fun!!!!
    As for the plastic bags I notice some people making shopping bag with them, outdoor rugs...I personally have not try using the plarn yet, like you I thought it would not be much fun...maybe I will give it a try this summer. Ha ha another one to add to the list of projects.
    Speaking of project that is what Tom and I are doing this morning, he in his office working on a computer project and I on laptop researching a project.
    Love the the dogs and those are great names!!!

  2. It's good to have you a part of the blogging world! Please accept the blog award that waits for you on my blog!

    Thanks for all the encouragement! The afghan does get tedious....but I must stay focused!!!LOL

  3. Keri, I have to agree. I get discouraged at the selfishness of society these days. There are periods when it can look downright ugly. I can't even watch the news anymore! But even one little sign or act of kindness does my heart a world of good!! I enjoyed reading your posts tonight, and seeing your projects! I look forward to stopping back! I hope you'll come by and visit me too!


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