Friday, June 12, 2009


Hi, everyone! I've been amiss at posting for a few days. My husband and youngest daughter have abandoned me and taken a little trip to Seaworld, in San Antonio. I've been taking the opportunity to work extra hours. Other people have felt sorry for me, being home alone, so they have taken it upon themselves to try to keep me entertained with offers of eating out, shopping, etc. Little do they know that I actually relish these rare days when I can come home to my 2 greyhounds, just the 3 of us, with no schedule to follow except for whatever the heck I feel like doing. Unfortunately, I've been so overwhelmed with sympathy calls and activities, I haven't had much time to myself, especially for crochet and blogging. :)

Anyway, I have a question for anyone who happens to read my ramblings. I have a problem knowing how to handle the situation when someone wants me to crochet something for them. Usually, they are admiring something I've made or am making. It's rare that I go anyplace without a tote bag full of yarn and hooks! Of course, I love it when people comment on my crocheted item, and I especially love it when I find someone who knows a little about crocheting and/or knitting. But, the problem arises when the admirer says, "Oh, I love that purse you're making. You could make me one if you want to!" Or, "You're an OU fan, but I need an OSU afghan for a friend's birthday. Something really easy and simple. I'll buy your yarn if you'll make me one."

That's when I get tongue-tied and don't know how to respond. As much as I love to crochet and show off my work, I don't have time to crochet for every Sam, Sue, and Sally who asks me to make items for them . . . and especially for FREE! Does that sound hateful??? Part of the problem is that I have no clue how to charge for my work, understanding that people who don't crochet have no clue how much time and effort goes into even the simplest of projects. But, even to get just a small return on my investment of time . . . well, I guess that is my goal, and I don't know a proper way to go about it.

Have any of you faced this dilemma, and if so, how have you handled it? Thanks so much for your thoughts!

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Thanks for your comments about my octopus and the curly Q's. They are my absolute favorite accessory to add to any item! LOL! I hope to see yours when you get them done!

    As for your question, I would just smile and say...Oh I don't crochet for anyone in particular, it just helps me relax. Or offer to teach them. Or if you want to sell your items, just be aware most people have no clue the time and effort you put into an item and aren't willing to pay you for what it's really worth. So I don't take custom orders; I just gift it to my closest family and friends. I have sold a few of my ami's, but don't really make any profit. It's just enough to go and buy a new skein of yarn. That's just my 2 cents....LOL


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