Friday, June 19, 2009

Speaking of family . . . . .

Since I mentioned how much I love my family in my last post, I thought I would throw in a picture of my girls. They just got off one of the water rides at our local amusement park, so they are "au naturale", so to speak. But, I just love the picture. I told them that it actually looks like they're enjoying themselves and that they might even like each other a little bit. :) Ryanne's 26, Hunter just turned 10. I had two people at work today mistake Hunter for my son, which I'm sure would thrill her to death. She likes to wear her hair short, just to antagonize her big sister.


  1. Your chicas are gorgeous! Truly a darling picture!

  2. Hi Keri! This picture is really sweet! I thought I'd pop over and tell you I finished the Twilight book this afternoon! Do I NEED to even say that I ran right to the second book?!! I'm starting that today. I'd like to do a blog event/giveaway of some kind for sometime around the debut of the Harry Potter movie in theatres, so I'm giving that some thought. I think it would be fun!.. Then maybe doing something similar for the Twilight one in November... We'll see!

  3. Hi Keri! I just wanted to let you know that I included you (or should I say roped you into?) a little game. You can visit my blog to play along if you like or sit this one out.. That's entirely up to you!.. but still you can see the photo that I chose to post, so that you at least have a face to go with that "beansie" name! I'm the one in the black Mad Hatter Tea Party T-shirt. ~tina


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