Sunday, April 04, 2010


I'm excited about so many things right now! First, I am tickled to pieces with my new blog heading. I had been working on some business cards with this idea in mind. However, due to my severe lack of artistic talent, I could never make the idea materialize, and I ended up with a boring basket of yarn on my cards. I want to give the creator of my new heading all the credit that is due, but I want to get the proper permissions before doing so. I was so excited with the way it turned out, and I just couldn't wait any longer to show it off. I hope the designer doesn't mind me gushing with all this praise! :)  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Next, I am excited that the Oklahoma Sooner women are getting ready to play in the NCAA Final Four against Stanford. The men's tournament has been full of surprises this year, and it's been exciting to watch (even though my bracket was null and void after all the upsets in the first round)! Oklahoma is not really known for being a "basketball state", and our men's teams had nothing to offer the tournament. But, the women have a good chance of moving on to the finals. Let's go SOONERS!!

I'm extremely excited that I got a couple of days off last week, and my boss wanted to give me some recuperation time, so she gave me ZERO charts to code this weekend! That makes me VERY happy. I can't even recall the last time I had absolutely nothing to do over the weekend except R-E-S-T. Thank you to my very wonderful husband and daughter for taking such good care of me!

Due to all this R & R time, I got lots of crocheting done. I was hoping to have pictures to show you, but I haven't mustered up the energy to put the camera into action. I promise I will do that this week.

Finally, I'm more than excited to report that my heart cath was considered negative. I have some "irregularities" in my coronary artery and what the doctor said were spasms. But, he feels confident that we can get these things under control with medication and a healthier lifestyle. That means, bye-bye Mexican food, love of my life! Well, maybe not completely. I'm just going to have to limit myself to taco salads and give up the enchiladas! :)

I was going to share some of the more humorous highlights of my stay in the hospital, but I'm sure you've all probably "been there, done that" and have some great stories of your own. The nurses and aides that took care of me were all very professional and kind. They did their best to make my visit somewhat tolerable. Thanks to you, my sweet blogging friends, for your kind thoughts and get-well wishes.

It is my wish that all of you are having a wonderful Easter Sunday.


  1. LOVE YOUR LOGO ! ! ! ! ! !

    What a GREAT JOB!

    Would LOVE to see more of their work.

    Oh, and CONGRATS on the Heart Cath ! ! ! ! ! !

  2. Happy Easter Keri. Glad that you are home and doing well. Your banner is super! Love it.

  3. Got your message. It was fun to hear. Sorry we missed you. We were at Easter lunch at my sister's. And of course you have permission to "gush." Just be sure to use his fake name instead of the real one! ;) Not many people would know who you were talking about if you used the real one anyway.

    Glad you are okay for the most part. We'll talk.

    I love the way your blog looks using that as a header. I was happy and proud of him for the way it turned out and hoped you'd like it too.


    P.S. I'll send Hunter that poster.

  4. Hello, Keri!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today and introducing yourself. I enjoy meeting new people, especially when we have something in common, i.e. dogs and corcheting. I think your greyhounds, Max and Mini, are adorable. To me they just have the sweetest, kindest faces. They remind me of deer, always have! I always wanted to have one, even though I prefer the fuzzier types (i.e. Gizzy) but I can't resist those big greyhound eyes. Besides, all the stuff they have to go through makes me want to afford them a better life - if I only could, I would. Maybe one day!
    I know exactly what you're frustrated about - those late charges can add up to so much and start a chain reaction. It is very, very upsetting indeed. At least they waived 3 charges and I hope your employer will do the rest.
    I'm keeping quiet today too because I'm still mourning for my lost shade tree out front, but I keep reminding myself that it's not my property and that I'm ONLY a renter and that it could be worse - at least I have a roof over my head. Now I have some major insulation work to do, otherwise my electric bill will go through the roof - literally. This ole draft box called an apartment is definitely not air tight.
    Have a great weekend and happy crocbheting. I followed you and will check back often :-)


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