Wednesday, April 07, 2010


This message is coming to you today, straight from the keys of my brand new Dell Inspiron laptop. You might ask why that is such riveting news. Well, you know me, and you know that I have a way of building the entire clock when you just ask for the time. So, I am going to tell you just exactly what happened .

As you know, I had my heart cath last week. The incision site on my groin has been very sore, and it causes me a great deal of pain to sit at my desk for extended periods of time. Since I work from home and do 95% of my work on the computer, I've been fortunate to have a desktop computer, as well as a laptop, which allows me to be a little more portable. I have the coolest little lap table . . . one of those "As Seen On TV" jobbies . . . and it allows me to work from bed, the couch, or my favorite recliner. On Monday night, I was coding charts, while watching the men's basketball finals, and jumped up to let Hunter in, who was furiously pounding on the front door. I tried to move the lap desk, the laptop's cord got caught in the foot rest, and as I stood up, the laptop went crashing to the floor. No biggie, I thought. It has hit the floor before with no serious damage. Well, not this time. When I settled back in and turned the computer back on, the screen looked like it had been hit with a baseball! I rebooted a couple of times, but no luck. JC walked through the room, and I handed it to him and said, "Turn it on and see what it does." He did, and he just stood there shaking his head. "Wow, you must've dropped it, huh?" 

I was so upset. I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry, and honestly, I wanted to throw the laptop across the room. But, alas, the violent impulse passed, and I went to bed instead. Yesterday, I called a good friend of mine, who is the biggest "geek freak" I know. I asked her if she, by chance, had an extra laptop lying around. She actually would have had one but she had recently loaned out her "extra". Well, one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was accompanying my friend to Best Buy to look at computers.

Now, obviously, this friend is special. In addition to calling her one of my best friends, I have also had the pleasure of working for her since 2005. I have helped her manage her medical coding company, and she has given me her company AMEX card for business expenses. Last August for my birthday, Mary told me to go shopping and spend $300 for a gift. I felt guilty with her generosity and never took her up on her offer. This past Christmas? Yep, she told me the same thing, and once again, I never went shopping for myself. So, yesterday, at Best Buy, Mary told the sales person that she was buying this computer for me as a birthday/Christmas gift!! I just stood there, like a fool, with this goofy look on my face!

Mary, like I said, is very special. She has always said she's blessed and because of that, she wants to share her blessings with others. She did just that yesterday, and I am eternally grateful. Mary doesn't read my blog, and in fact, is the first to admit that she doesn't like messing with computers any more than necessary. But, I didn't want to let her generosity go unnoticed, and I wanted to tell you all about this person who does so much for others and expects so little in return.  Thank you, Mary, for being you!


  1. What a wonderful friend. I'm sorry to hear about your broken laptop but it sounds kind of alike a blessing in disguise to me. Congrats!

  2. How awesome is that? Mary is very special! A new computer is so nice, isn't it? Mine is a Dell also (not laptop) and I am just in love!!! I can't believe I lived with my slow one for so many years.

  3. That is so wonderful of Mary. She is such a blessing to all who know and love her. I have been on the receiving end of her generosity many times. I am glad that everything worked out and you are back up and running again.

  4. Oh Keri, my dislike for snow goes back a long, long time. I grew up in Idaho and when it started to snow they sent us home from school and we would end up snowed in for weeks at a time. It would get to 30 degrees below zero and we weren't even allowed to go outside. My dad had a coal stove that he ran in the barn so he could keep the milk cows inside. Winter is our longest season. It usually starts in October and goes well into April. I just get SO tired of it. It gives me the "drearies."

  5. Keri we reap what we sow that's for sure! Very nice gift! Congratulate Hunter aka Bean on her medals, you must be very proud of her! Oh love your squares, nice work! I wish I had the patience for putting them together but I don' You had the heart cath done and I will just say I hope all turned out good and no clogged arteries were found. Wishing you a quick recovery.
    And love the new page!

  6. Now that's a good friend, Keri! I'm so sorry to hear what happened to your old computer, but am glad to hear you have a new one now! I think God sends us angels in disguise much more often than we realize!... Enjoy your new computer!.. And love the dog running away with your yarn, in your blog header! ~tina

  7. Oh, Keri - your day ended much like mine began! So sorry! I am so glad the next day had such a delightful angel there to bring you joy and happiness.

    Isn't it wonderful to have such a special friend! Enjoy your gift - it will always remind you of her wonderful generosity and bring a smile to you on those dreary days!


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