Thursday, April 01, 2010


Happy April Fools Day to you all! I wish I had a silly prank or a funny joke, but alas, I'm not feeling real humorous today. I'll tell you why a bit later, but first, I want to tell you about my daughter, Hunter, and her amazing day yesterday.

Some of you might remember that we bought her a Genesis bow for Christmas because she was showing a lot of interest in archery at her school. Well, she ended up making the team and up until yesterday, she had participated in two tournaments. In fact, in her last tournament about a month ago, she came in FIRST PLACE amongst the fifth grade girls. Unfortunately, the only picture I got of that event was taken with my husband's iPhone, and for some reason, the picture never made it home with us. :(

Well, after lots of practice and hard work, Hunter qualified to go to the state tournament with her school's team. This was held yesterday in downtown Oklahoma City at the Cox Convention Center. There were over 1700 participants and over 70 elementary schools, specifically. I'm happy to report that the Wayland Bonds Broncos came in 2nd place, and this qualified their team to go to the national tournament in Louisville, KY, in May. Hunter's dad, her Aunt Tammy, and I all took off work so we could be there for the big event. It was really spectacular, especially when the flag was lowered and 280 archers shot their first arrows at the same time. It kind of sounded like a machine gun or a bunch of Black Cat firecrackers exploding! :)  So, I thought I'd share a few photos from Hunter's big day.





So, throughout the day, there was lots of "down" time. Of course, I had my crochet bag with me, and I started two more squares for Bev. The ones below are the ones I had already finished. The pink one was my first, and I think it's a bit on the ugly side. It was not turning out to be 12 inches, so I just kept going with my DC border. I don't care for all the pale pink. But, I really, REALLY like the blue square. You can see that it's not as big as the pink one, but rather than ruining it with an extra border, I stopped and decided to let Guru Bev deal with the size difference. :) 

It looks like I'm going to have a long weekend to get some serious crochet done. I am going in to the hospital today to have a heart catheterization done. Remember all that heart nonsense that started back in November that ultimately led to the stress test and Holter monitor? Well, apparently, the next step is the heart cath, to see if I have any blockages that might be contributing to my symptoms. I have to be at the hospital at 11:00 for pre-op lab, chest x-ray and EKG, then the actual procedure is at 1:00. This means, friends, that I am writing this WITHOUT MY COFFEE!!!! Nothing by mouth after midnight, which is absolutely the WORST part!! :)

The doctor already told me that he wants to keep me overnight, but I'm going to beg and plead to get him to let me come home this evening, assuming everything turns out okay with the test. I hate hospitals and would rest much better in my big, soft, comfy bed! I'm a little nervous about the whole thing, so any warm fuzzy thoughts directed my way would be greatly appreciated.

I'm hoping by Sunday afternoon I'll have some more crochet to show you. Have a great weekend, and I'll be back soon.

In the meantime, GO SOONER WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM who will be playing in the Final Four this weekend!!!


  1. Keri, I am sending warm thought and will say a prayer for you this morning that all will go well.

    I LOVE THE SQUARES! Oh Keri, they are beautiful. I can't wait to add them to the blanket. Gorgeous!!! Thank you so much. There's absolutely nothing wrong with your heart. It's just as it should be.

  2. Hunter,


  3. Keri!!! Shame on you for not telling me sooner. But I will berate you later...

    I'll be thinking of you today and sending good thoughts and prayers. Let me hear from you as soon as you are feeling up to it. I hope you get to go home too!


  4. Keri,

    I had the same thing done 4 or 5 years ago. Had me worried until they told me I could watch what they were doing on the screen they had. It was SO INTERESTING . . I could see what was going on inside my own body.

    Another friend(male) had at done around the same time . . . he waas like me, worried until he saw what was going on inside of his body.

    So, except for no coffee . . . try to relax and enjoy what you are getting done . . . how often do you get to totally relax due to dr's orders?

    And remember, we are all thinking about you and are waiting for your return and all the "poop" you will have to tell us.

  5. Hi Keri, how proud you must be of Hunter, congrats on the medals! And the squares are just beautiful. They look perfect to me. I had my second catherization and stent last fall. Please let me know how you did today.

    Sending Prayers and Hugs ... Easter blessings to you. gloria

  6. First.. HOORAY for Hunter!! Congratulations! I bet those medals are your favorite pieces of jewelry right now!!... Keri, your granny squares look great! I'm wishing and praying your test results are all favorable, so that you can go home like you're hoping to! ~tina

  7. Hope all goes well... I will be saying a prayer for you ... hugs

  8. Congratulations to Hunter, what fun that must have been. Your squares are really cute and they both look good. I hope you are back safe and sound at home after your hopspital stay and can enjoy your family over Easter. Good thoughts your way!!!

  9. Keri, you know all of us will be sending good thoughts and our prayers your way so try to relax. I know it will be very hard, but you can do it. Tell Hunter how very proud we all of her and to keep it going.

  10. Here's hoping all went well with your heart cath...and that you're at home, feeling well...with a good report from the doctors.

    I have something that might make you feel a TAD better...


    I decided to select someone from the comments, who had a current blog post...and you were the first! Congrats!!!

    Send me your mailing info and we'll be sending out your patterns next weekend.



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