Saturday, January 09, 2010


Oh my gosh!  I am truly humbled by all of your kind comments. Thank you so much! It's so nice and comforting to feel loved. :)  Now, right here and now, I will say that I've made the resolution to get on here and blog, even if I don't feel too chipper about life. So, just take those posts with a grain of salt, and know that my insanity only lasts a short time. There might even be times when I solicit your advice, and I feel certain most of you wouldn't be shy. :)

So, here's what's going on today. I have to work some on my Ft. Smith account. For those of you who don't know, I do at-home medical coding. I've been given an account that is SOOOO boring, and because the medical records are 100% electronic, the coding process is extremely slow. Yesterday, I kept getting booted off the hospital's website, so I finally just said "to heck with it", which means I've got to get my quota finished this weekend. So, as much as I wanted to pull out that new sewing machine today and figure out how to get it threaded, I'll have to wait 'til tomorrow for that little adventure.

Hunter approached me this morning and politely informed me that my yarn drawers needed to be better organized. I have one whole wall of my "office" decorated with drawers and cabinets, all full of yarn, hooks, books, and other miscellaneous crochet/craft items. For the most part, my yarn drawers are organized by color, and I have special drawers for my cotton yarns and works-in-progress. Well, over the past couple of months, the colors have been converging on each other, and I found myself with greens and yellows and oranges and pinks together. Oh, the travesty! So, Miss Hunter has been diligently working on the drawers, moving colors around, squishing and arranging, and rolling half-used skeins into balls with the new yarn ball winder I got for Christmas!  There are certainly benefits to extremely cold weather where children get bored from not being able to play outside. (wink!)

Work now, football games later, and hopefully, sewing machine stories and crochet pictures tomorrow!  Bye for now, and thanks again for all your kind thoughts.


  1. Hi Keri! Oh it is so GOOD to be hearing from you again! Can't wait to see what you've been crocheting!! ~tina

  2. Wow Keri, do you live close to Ft. Smith? I used to live in a little town called Ozark which is 35 miles from Ft. Smith on I-40 toward Little Rock. Now I live in another little town called Flippin (yes that's really the name) which is close to Mt. Home AR. I really love it here though 'cause we're close to the White River.Keep on blogging!!

  3. glad to her you are doing better see you tuesday

  4. Keri I am so glad you are back I so enjoy following your blog and your honesty inspires us all. Love you!


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