Saturday, January 16, 2010


Ready or not, here are the pictures of my unfinished projects:

This "thing" was from a very reputable pattern book. It's supposed to be a large table mat of some kind. When I finished the stitch part, I thought it was so ugly I never wanted to sew in all the tails.

These are the pieces of an organizer box that need to be sewn together. Way back in my blog archive, I got on a kick of making these little boxes for Hunter and her friends. Boy, did I get burned out!

Two little purses. The green one is missing a fastener, and the multi-colored one
is missing the strap and fastener.

I made this one night while watching a football game. It's supposed to be a little container to hold my hubby's Sweet-n-Low wrappers by the coffee pot. I never got around to putting the stiffener in it.

This is supposed to be a coaster. The "lights" need to be sewn on, and it needs to be blocked.

This was actually 10 rows larger than this, but I was not happy with my lettering, so I frogged it. It's extremely long and will wrap around the back of a couch. It will eventually say "SOONERS" and be a gift for my sister.

Baby blanket - nice easy pattern but boring

Another baby blanket, made with ILTY sport weight. It's about 18 inches square, and I'd like to make it at least 36 inches.

I REALLY like this blanket and after seeing it again, I'm excited about finishing it. I started this almost a year ago, before knowing anything about ripples and certainly before finding Attic 24. I think Lucy would be proud. :)

Another baby blanket. I'm not really sure why I quit working on this one because I like
doing the round ripples.

These are rectangles that will make up an afghan that was designed by Mary Beth Temple. I have another bag of these someplace with yellow, green, and purples circles.

And, yes, another baby afghan. Do you think I'm wanting to be a grandma?
This one will be an "after-bath hoodie".

Okay, this was supposed to be an adult mitten. I used the hook and yarn recommended but did not check my gauge. Well, Hunter cannot even get this over her hand! I would like to finish it and make another one, but they will have to be for a toddler.

Not a very good picture, but this is a market bag made with red, white, and green variegated cotton yarn. I'd like to finish this, but making all the chains gets SO boring!

Crimson and cream . . . another afghan for my Oklahoma Sooners. I'm making this for the lady who bought the orange and black OSU afghan from me last summer.

These are the squares that started it all! These are the very first granny squares I ever made, a little over a year ago. I have another stack of the variegated squares and 70 total.

I just started this face cloth a couple of weeks ago, thanks to inspiration from my friend, Pammy Sue,
who sent me a couple of these.

I have no clue what this is supposed to be. I got on a rippling kick a couple of months ago and thought about making an afghan with different "chunks" of ripple fabric. This is as far as I got. :)

Okay, these are not really "unfinished". I have wanted so badly to find a neat slipper pattern, but everything I try ends up not being close to the right size. So, I make one and give up on making the second one. If any of you know of a good pattern, let me know!

These are supposed to be part of a Christmas pillow. ICK!

I discovered that this scarf is basically finished, except for making some more curly-ques to use in place of fringe. This pattern came from my friend, Caroline, the Kansas Hooker.

These pieces will eventually be sewn together to be a happy little hippo. It's really a cute pattern that I think came from the Lion Brand website.

I started this and was going great guns. Then, I got to a hitch in the instructions, could not figure out what I was supposed to do, so I stuffed it in the bag and put it away!

Remember these?
I was so irritated at myself. I got in my pre-Christmas FUNK and did not finish the stockings
for all the animals in our family. I needed 13 in all. Max and Mini each got one, but I still needed 2 more.

The picture does not do this justice. It's actually almost 2 feet long and has a beautiful twisted cable going up the middle. You all might remember that I was wanting to have this finished before Christmas to give my daughter, Ryanne. Well, looks like it will be birthday in September instead. :)

And, last but not least . . . Hunter's Spongebob!
I don't have a pattern. I'm just winging it, using a picture I printed from the internet.

I also have two "secret" projects that I'm currently working on, but I can't put pictures on here because they are gifts, and the people who will be receiving them happen to read my blog.

Whew!!  I'm not sure my choo-choo train is as long as Pammy Sue's, but I've definitely got my work cut out for me!  Hmmm, now what should I work on first?


  1. Well I've got to say that there are a couple of your projects that don't do anything for me either but I love what I've seen of almost all of them. I've got the squares from a granny swap that I just finished and since I've never put together a granny square afghan I'm having a hard time getting started on it. You are such a wonderful crochet artist! I'm sure you'll be able to "make" yourself finish. I think you just got bored on a couple of them but you've got the majority of them done now so it won't be so hard finishing them up now that you've had a little break from them. Can't wait to see them finished!

  2. WOW, Keri!! This is quite a line-up!! Love everything you're working on, though! Hope you're enjoying the weekend! I'm not getting as much crocheting in as I'd like, but I'm gaining ground on getting the Christmas decorations down! I'm hate doing it, but I'm trying to keep my chin up, thinking about what Valentine's Day decorations I will put up in place of them! ~tina

  3. Oh my gosh, Keri. That's quite a listing of unfinished projects. You'll get them all completed though, I just know it. I'm always skipping from one thing to the next but eventually they either all get finished or frogged. Keep hookin' and smilin'!


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