Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good night, my precious 9-year-old!

My baby girl will be in double digits tomorrow. My goodness, is she ever excited!! It's actually past my bedtime, but I had some last-minute presents to wrap, so I thought I would do some nips and tucks on my new blog and add another picture or two. I've crocheted tons of stuff since last November, and I'm really kicking myself now for not taking pictures of each and every thing I've made. There were countless coasters, koozies and wash cloths created during my first couple of months, but none of them were photographed. Oh well, I'll just have to be better about keeping track of everything from here on out. As I try to catch up on posting pictures of my projects, I think I'll start back from the beginning and work forward. Hopefully, we'll see some improvement along the way. :) The pictures above were of my first two hat and scarf sets. I crocheted these in December and gave them as Christmas gifts.

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