Friday, August 28, 2009


They finally arrived, although a bit reluctantly . . . . .

Seven boys, two girls . . .

Mama Disney was so very tired. Two puppies were born naturally, then the doctor intervened with a c-section because the progress was so slow. She had to endure labor, birth, surgery, then there were 9 hungry mouths to feed!!

The puppies have to be fed every two hours, so there's formula to mix and bottles to wash.

Hunter was beside herself all week, waiting for their arrival. She, of course, wants to keep all of them!!


  1. Oh, Keri!!! Congrats to you all, but mostly, of course, to Mama Disney!! Hope she's resting comfortably. She's got her "paws" full now!! (0; Hey, Hunter, with the beautiful blue eyes!.. You look like you're having fun there!! Can't wait to see more pictures, if and when you can post them! ~tina

  2. Soooo darling!!! Good luck caring for them all, hope they're all healthy!

  3. Hi, Keri! Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment.

    You really should try that Sweet Pea Shawl. It's not hard once you get the two rows down that repeat over and over and over. I was using a thin, thread-like yarn, and I think that's why it was hard for me. I'm not use to using thread.

    I LOVE CROCHET TOO! But I think I love dogs more! Your puppies are too cute.


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