Monday, August 03, 2009


Happy Monday, Everyone! How do you like the new blue background? I was getting a little tired of the green and thought it was time for a change. I added some new pictures of my family, and am still trying to find one of myself that I'm willing to show the world. I hate having my picture taken and avoid cameras with a vengeance! But, I will break down one of these days and post a picture of myself, just so you can put a name with a face. :)

I am new to this "blogging" thing, and am learning as I go. I have a couple of questions for those of you who know what you're doing. First, how do you find all those neat blog backgrounds? I'm using Google Blogspot, and the choices of backgrounds are limited. Some of you have really neat, unique blogs, and I'm wondering where you find all your "elements". And, my other question . . . Is there a way to put in an "alert" so that I know when someone has left a comment on one of my posts? I was reading through some of my early posts this weekend and came across some comments that I didn't even know I had received. I would've liked responding to these comments, but a couple of these were over a month old!! If any of you have suggestions on "Blog Etiquette and Tips for Beginners", please let me know.

And, finally, thanks to those of you who left messages for Hunter. She was absolutely thrilled to read your comments. In fact, she picked some yarn from my stash this weekend and made 4 granny squares, getting better on each one as she went along! She's wanting to post pictures, but I've told her to make enough for a scarf, then I'll teach her how to whipstitch, and she can post her completed project. Your encouragement is very much appreciated!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Hi find the answer to some of you rquestions go to the settings on your dashboard or new post page of ur blog. Go to comments and it'll give you a place to enter yoour email address so commnet alerts can be mailed to you. There are all kind of background sites, just google them. I use The cutest little blog etc. As far as ettquette, just post and comment! :) Happy Monday!

  2. Hi Keri! I wish I could help you better, but I'm still pretty much a novice myself. I have thought about changing my background, or AT LEAST my header, but as you can see I have still kept it pretty simple. I do at least like the pink! I love the blue too!! As far as etiquette goes?.. The only rules of thumb I try to remember most are, don't give out TOO much information (keep what SHOULD be private, PRIVATE!)... and "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all"... Of course, everything you've said this far, has been very nice, so no worries there! (0; To me content matters more than "fluff"... but who doesn't like a little fluff?! The pictures of your family are really sweet, and are definitely a nice personal touch to your blog!


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