Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Well, the moment of truth is here. I'm sure you all are tired of hearing me moan and groan about the orange and black OSU afghan I've been working on. I am a die-hard OU Sooners fan, and working with this orange and black has about taken its toll on me. :) But, tonight, I gave it it's final "haircut", and tomorrow I will present it to the lady at work who is giving it as a birthday gift. I'm SOOOOOOOOO happy to have it finished! It didn't take the skill that Carolyn's KSU afghan took because this one is just made up of granny squares. But, it took patience and persistence. Now I can put the orange and black yarn back in the drawers until October! And, Carolyn, I still want to get your suggestions for making a crimson and white OU blanket. :)

I do want to take this opportunity to graciously thank my mother-in-law, aka MIL, for helping me get this afghan completed. The lady at work was putting undue pressure on me to get it finished way ahead of schedule, and it was getting to the point that I honestly didn't want to work on it anymore. So, I broke down and asked MIL to help me make some squares. I mean, geez, she's the one who started all this madness by teaching me how to crochet last Thanksgiving! :) Well, I bundled up some orange yarn and sent it her way, and her hook started flying! I really have to give her credit for making well over half of the orange squares. Thank you, MIL, Peggy, Mom . . . I love you and truly appreciate you for all the wonderful things you do.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the finished product, being shown by none other than my daughter, Hunter, and her friend, Kenneth. I told him his picture was going to be posted on the internet, so that's why he's hiding. :)


  1. LOVE IT!!!!! It came out just gorgeous! That woman is soooo lucky to have you do such a great, professional looking job! I've never tried a granny square ghan, you tweaked my curiosity. Kudos Keri!

  2. I appreciate your kind words, Caroline, as you were the one who set such a high bar with your KSU masterpiece. :) I am proud of the finished product, even though I can't call it "gorgeous", due to the icky orange and black. But, the lady at work was very pleased, so it was worth the effort. On to the red and white one next!

  3. Hi Keri, I do "Swaps" with the online forum "Crochetville" You have to join(free) and be a member for 30 days before your allowed to do Swaps and some other activities. OU would lend itself to a graph like I did for Austen. I may have to start my duaghter's afghan soon too...she's a junior in HS this year. How interesting that a your daughter is a teacher too. My curtains are up and look great. I've got to remember to get a picture of my entire room.

  4. Keri it looks great, who would believe you only learned to hook a year ago. Beautiful job.

    My afghan that you commented on well I didn't use another brown I just stopped working on it for now...and it looks like that last section of brown will be 11 instead of 12 rows and then another section of green and then I will go around and make a border. thanks for stopping the new pic of doggies.

  5. Hi Keri! Beautiful job!! The woman who ordered this will LOVE it, I'm sure! I'm still pluggin' away at mine, a little at a time!

    I was invited to play a little blog game.. nothing too difficult, but I posted it today, and invited you to play along too!.. So stop on over, when you can, and join in if you'd like! Check the rooster and ragdoll events, on my right side bar, if you'd like to join in on those too! ~tina

  6. That looks great. It would have killed me to work with those colors too! lol


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