Saturday, August 22, 2009


Ryanne, Disney, and Dillon

I just wanted to let you all know that I will soon be posting pictures of my new great-grandpuppies! My previous post had a picture of my daughter, Ryanne, and her new Australian Shepherd, Sasha Grace. In all my excitement to get Sasha's picture posted, I was a bad Grandma and totally forgot to mention that one of Ryanne's other dogs, Disney, is VERY pregnant and will soon be bringing new puppies into the world. Disney is a beautiful tri-color Pembroke Corgi. She's very spoiled . . . quite the Mama's Girl. But, she's a sweet little thing and oh so miserable in the last days of her pregnancy. Ryanne, who is a Special Ed teacher, started back to school on Thursday. She asked me if I would run by her house and let her dogs out and check on Disney. The poor girl, she seemed so weary and miserable, I ended up staying at Ryanne's almost 3 hours as it was just so hard to leave her.

Anyway, we expected to get a call last night with a "puppy status report, but alas, no puppies yet. Today is day 62 (in a 63-day gestation period), so it will be any time. I can't wait to report back in with pictures! :)

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  1. Hi Keri! Oh my goodness.. I have LOVED corgies ever since I've seen them on t.v. with Tasha Tudor! We have an elderly couple down the street from me who have a couple of them too, and they are just so-ooo CUTE when I see them going for walks up and down the street! Can't wait to see pictures! I just KNOW I'm gonna want one really bad though, so please just tell me NO, ok? (0; I have ENOUGH furbabies in this house right now! ~tina


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