Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Getting the sad news out of the way first, I'm sorry to say that my 22+ year-old cat has gone to live with Jesus. "Pup", as we affectionately called him, came to live with us in 1990. He had been abandoned by his owners when they moved, and he quickly became attached to my daughter, Ryanne, and me . . . or perhaps it was the Cat Chow and fresh water that he loved so much. At any rate, we took him in and turned a loud and crabby Tom cat into the most lovable creature you can imagine. We took him to the vet to have him neutered, and the vet estimated he was AT LEAST 3 years old, based on his size and teeth. Over the years, Pup got to know at least 6 different homes that I can remember, yet he remained loyal and loving through all the upheavals.

I married again in 1998, to my current husband, JC, and Pup came along for the ride. JC, however, is horribly allergic to cats, so Pup was relegated from the house and his favorite litter box to the great outdoors. He never seemed to wander too far and would always come running whenever we stepped outside. He loved everyone and was the best lap kitty you could possibly want. He got along great with our Greyhounds, even though many Greyhounds are not "cat friendly", due to their chase instinct. Pup, however, nuzzled and snuggled with Max and Mini, just like he was their best buddy.

For the past 10 years or so, I found myself wondering if this would be Pup's last Christmas or summer or whatever occasion, but he was like the Energizer Bunny . . . he just kept going and going and . . . well, you get the picture. It makes me very sad to know that he won't be running up to me when I walk out into the backyard and disturbing our neighbors with his VERY loud "I'm hungry" meow. He was such a good little friend, and I like to think he is in Heaven, with my dear mother and all of my other loved ones and pets that are on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, waiting for me.

Pup and Hunter, enjoying some snuggle time!

Mini, sharing her bed with Pup!

Last but not least, I did mention some good news, as well. Today I am celebrating my 51st birthday! I'm thankful to be alive, I'm thankful to be fairly healthy, and I'm thankful that God has blessed me with wonderful friends and family to share my life with. I look at every day as a gift, better than any birthday gift I could receive.

Love to all of you!


  1. I'm very sorry about your cat. Hugs to you and your family.

    Happy Birthday though! I hope you had a nice relaxing day doing the things you enjoy!

  2. Hi Keri.. I am so sorry about your cat. After loving him for so long, I know how badly you and Hunter must miss him...

    On the brighter side, Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy it, whichever way you choose, but just make sure to have an extra piece of cake for me! Many Happy Returns! ~tina

  3. Keri sorry about pup and your absolutely right he's in cat heaven 4-sure!

    Happy Happy Birthday and yes, it would seem as we grow wiser we appreciate our birthdays all that much more because we know how precious life is and how quickly it passes by, you and I Keri like so many other crocheter's understand and appreciate the simple ways of life, the good feeling you get over finishing a project, caring for a pet or the smile on your child's face.

    Keri if you would like the pattern for the fingless less glove leave me your email in my comment box and I will forwarded it to you.

  4. Thank you to RusticOkie (sorry I don't know your name), Tina, and Gloria for your sweet messages of condolence and birthday wishes. I do know Pup is in a much better place. My mother was an avid animal lover and we had many throughout the years that were truly members of our family. She's in Heaven now, and it brings me joy to think about her sitting up there, watching over all of us, surrounded by all her loving "fur kids". Pup is chasing whatever moves, loudly meowing to his heart's content, and finally getting to curl up and rest in peace on Mom's lap.

    Ending on a happy note, I'll be posting a picture of my oldest, Ryanne, with the new addition to her family, my newest grand-dog! She is Sasha Grace, an Australian Shepherd, who is now 10 weeks old. Ryanne has just been accepted into the Animal Behavior College, where she will take classes to get certification as a "Certified Animal Trainer". Her husband got Sasha for her to go through her training with her. Sasha joins Disney, a beautiful and VERY pregnant Pembroke Corgi, Bear (the Daddy), another Pembroke Corgi, and Dillon, her ever-faithful and loving MUTT. Anyway, here's Ryanne and Sasha Grace . . . . .

  5. KERI!! You should have told me about Pup so I wouldn't be sitting here at work bawling my eyes out. I loved pup so much I named my bird after him. He was a fantastic and loyal, sweet, precious, did I say fantastic? I loved him very much also and I know how much you and Ryanne and Hunter did to. I am so sorry. He is with Boomer who you know we put down in January. It's so hard to get used to not seeing them. I am so sorry for your loss. Please tell me he went peacefully and it wasn't on your birthday??

    Anyway give everyone a sympathy hug from me and I love you guys.


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