Friday, August 14, 2009


If you follow my blog, you know that my daughter Ryanne has a new addition to her family. She is Sasha Grace, an Australian Shepherd, who is now 10 weeks old. Ryanne has just been accepted into the Animal Behavior College, where she will take classes to get certification as a "Certified Animal Trainer". Her husband got Sasha for her to go through her training with her. Sasha joins Disney, a beautiful and VERY pregnant Pembroke Corgi, Bear (the Daddy), another Pembroke Corgi, and Dillon, her ever-faithful and loving MUTT. Lord, how I love my kids and animals! :)


  1. Hi Keri! Congratulations to you all for this new little grand-puppy!! What an ADORABLE addition to the family!! It's funny as I remember the last pet we most recently took in (2 years ago??.. Doesn't seem that long!).. Anyways, the kids were immediately reminding me I had to make him his own special bed, and his own special Christmas stocking, and his very own Easter basket, etc. etc.!! Bonding doesn't take long, does it?! (0;

  2. Look at the good looking girl! ...oh and the puppy is pretty cute too! ;-)

    Love you mom!

  3. To Tina . . . You are always so good about replying to my silly posts. Thank you for being so gracious. I think I've mentioned in earlier posts that Ryanne has been unrelenting on me about my crochet addiction, calling me an old lady! She has been quite impressed with some of my finished projects, but the snickers still slip out. So, you can imagine the glee I felt when she mentioned to me the other day that I needed to start crocheting Christmas stockings for ALL the dogs, and not only that, but I needed to embroider names on them, as well. Trust me, that would be a handful. She has the four, plus I'm not sure how many of her Corgi's puppies she plans to keep, then there are my two Greyhounds, and my sister, who is my very best friend in the world has two Westies and a Lab-mix. Hmmm, I'd better get the hook flyin'! :)

  4. Guess what? U won, U won my giveaway you lucky hooker!

    Send me your shipping address and know that you will receive two different packages. One will be your crochet book and the other will be a box of crochet supplies. I will include a copy the pattern for those cute gloves. I thought I saved it in my computer but can't locate it but I do have a copy sitting here on the coffee table.

    Congrats and have a great weekend
    Hey don't you never know I just might be delivering that box in person......on my way to texas.....dogs will be barking at the strange lady at your door.

    The pup is adorable! I hope Tom lets me get a dog when we get to Texas....crossing my fingers!

  5. Oh my gosh!! I never win anything, and here I win something that has to do with crocheting! How amazing is that!! And, how sweet of you to have the little "giveaway". Turns out, I'm sorry I didn't find your other blog, "Sunday Dinner", earlier. I'm really enjoying reading through the old posts, looking at the yummy pictures, and checking out the fabulous recipes. You must be a whiz in the kitchen!!

    And, speaking of stopping by on your way to Texas, you can't imagine how delighted I would be to find a "strange lady bearing gifts" at my front door! My dogs don't do much barking, but they would know immediately that you're a friend, and they would sniff you to death. :) Seriously, if you should accidently find that you're anyplace close to Oklahoma City, even by 50-100 miles, I would love to meet you, give you a hug, and welcome you to the hot and muggy part of the US! (And get my prize, of course!) LOL

  6. Hi Keri.. Last I heard from Caroline, was not too long ago.. just shortly before my Saturday post, when she said she would watch for it. I assumed she was busy Saturday, when I did not hear from her yet. (That or she's taking a well-deserved break from EVERYTHING!)... Love that you're making stockings for the furbabies!!! I, of course, like the idea of crochet stockings, but if the task sounds too much, maybe you could go with felt or fabric stockings, embroider the names yourself, then crochet some snowflake appliques for them??.. Just an idea.. If you DO make them, can't wait to see them, whichever way you decide! ~tina

  7. Hey, Tina! I love your idea about the Christmas stockings. Unfortunately, I do not own a sewing machine. Can you believe that? :) But, since I've gotten so addicted to crocheting, I've been wanting to get a sewing machine, just to help with some of my projects, like handbags, etc. I got a little cash for my birthday . . . perhaps that would be a good present to myself, you think? Definitely, for as many stockings as will be needed, I think sewing them, then embellishing with crochet and embroidery would be awesome. Thanks for a great idea!

    Thanks, also, for the update on MIA Carolyn. ;) I'll have to send her a message to let her know I miss hearing from her.

    Have a great day!

  8. Hi Keri! Thanks for your comment on my most recent silly.. oops! I mean Suri post! I have to get at least ONE silly one in every now and then, and I was long overdue! As for the music, I am so glad you liked it! I grew up with this music too, on my parents record player! PP&M, Mamas and the Papas, Tom Jones, Bobby Goldboro, and some Johnny Cash, just to name a few. You couldn't help but have a favorite or two, at least, that you remember from each of them! Honestly, I STILL LOVE The Mamas and The Papas.. Too bad they cannot tour anymore.. I think I heard they tried to piece something up together for a tour, but I never heard much more than that. Anyways, that will be great if you can get a sewing machine! If you want my advice, for what it's worth, I would head over to Sears for one, but definitely ask around, cuz I'm old school and people might beg to differ with that now. Actually, I wouldn't overlook a used machine either! Many people buy one with BIG intentions, and then never use them! Keep an eye open for any deals there too! ~tina


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